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As a coach, my job is to be a mirror for you, to help you clarify your vision of what you want to create in this life and to hold you accountable in taking the steps to making it happen. I am here to help you get in touch with your authentic self, to take on radical responsibility and to powerfully lead your life from a place of deep inner truth.


I can help you: 


  • Access your deepest purpose and inner truth.

  • Learn to understand and manage strong emotions.

  • Improve your ability to communicate and connect with others.

  • Uplevel your romantic life through the art of Sexual Polarity.

  • Set and achieve long and short-term goals towards your vision and purpose.

  • Learn how to transmute sexual energy into life-force energy.



For the Masculine:


  • How to cultivate the masculine gifts of Leadership, Integrity, Strength, Clarity, Vision & Discipline.

  • How to hold space for your inner feminine or a feminine partner.

  • How to work with the feelings of burden and overwhelm.

  • How to strengthen your nervous system to hold a wider range of emotions.

  • How to create structure that allows your feminine partner to surrender.

  • How to powerfully claim what you desire.

  • How to work with Archetypes such as the King, the Warrior, The lover, and the Magician.


For the Feminine:


  • How to cultivate the feminine gifts of Intuition, Creativity, Compassion, Wisdom, Patience and Nurturing.

  • How to create a pleasure practice that sustains your vitality.

  • How to evoke leadership and structure from a masculine partner.

  • How to strengthen your own inner masculine.

  • How to tap into inner womb wisdom and intuition.

  • How to listen and honor the natural cycles of your body.

  • How to work with the Archetypes of Queen, Mother, Maiden, Crone, Priestess, Goddess and others.

Join the Conversation

The Masculine Medicine Tribe is a Facebook Group dedicated for men to meet and support each other in healing and personal growth.


The mission of the MMT is to help one another embody the Sacred Masculine so we can bring this medicine to the world.  

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