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Where are you located?


I live in Killingworth, CT in a beautifully restored 300 year old farmhouse set on 30 acres of rural New England land.

I don't live near you, can we still work together?

Absolutely. The majority of my clients are online. We meet via a video conferencing app called Zoom. All you need is a computer with a webcam and a decent internet connection.

Does Hypnotherapy work over video conferencing?

100% yes. All you need is a webcam and a decent internet connection. I even see some clients who connect using the camera on their phone, though a laptop is preferred.

Is Hypnotherapy safe?

100% yes. Hypnosis is the induction of a very natural trance state that we go in and out of every day. These states occur when there is a split between the conscious and the unconscious mind and give us direct access to the unconscious. If you have ever been driving and suddenly realized you were at your destination, but you couldn't recall driving for some of the trip, you have experienced a trance state. While we are in these trance states, our minds are highly suggestible. We can implant new ideas, speak directly to parts of ourselves, access suppressed memories, release stuck emotions and much much more.

Will I be in control under Hypnosis?


Yes. Although we are highly suggestible, we always remain in control during hypnosis. The feeling is like being in a very relaxed in between dream state. You can hear my words and respond, and at any point during the session you have the power to get up and end the session if you truly wanted to. There is nothing I can make you do against your will. 

Will I remember the session?


Hypnosis sessions often feel like a dream in more ways than one. Similar to a dream, memories of your session may be vibrant at first, but fade quickly with time. My suggestion is to do some journaling immediately after to capture what you experienced and what you learned. I also record each session and can give you and audio recording of the session, which doesn't capture what you see in your minds eye, but hearing the conversation often prompts more detailed memories.

What is a Men's Coach?

For millennia, men have relied on the wisdom and council of other men as a guide to living lives of integrity and authenticity. Listening to the reflection and council of another man can help keep you accountable to the goals you set forth for you life, give you fresh a perspective on events and help to make sure you are living at your edge. 

My goal as a Men's coach is to be a trustworthy guide who helps in 4 key ares:


1. Accessing inner truth, vision and purpose. Clarifying, refining and defining this vision. Setting out clear action steps and letting go of the bullshit. Learn how to delve into the depth of your soul using meditation, hypnosis, retreat, visioning and embodiment practices. Learn how to witness your thoughts and get out of your own way. Learn how to navigate fears, doubts and self-criticism.

2. Removing blocks to your vision. Often this includes self-limiting beliefs and patterns. This is usually the meat of our work together. This includes rewiring our worldview, cultivating a daily practice, parts work, inner child work, emotional mastery, shadow work, removing energetic hooks and more.


3. Accountability on taking action steps to achieving your dreams, living at your edge and living with integrity. Let's face it. We rarely hold ourselves to our edge. Yes, we are often our own worst critic, but that's different than the objective and non-judgmental motivation to achieve and create the life of our dreams you get from a coach. As a conscious Men's Coach I am here to lovingly hold you accountable to your goals. I am here to cheer you on, motivate you and give you the tools you need to succeed. It is my deepest desire to see you create something wonderful in this world and swim in all the abundance you deserve and desire.

4. Navigating Relationships. I teach men how bringing authentic healthy masculinity to a feminine partner can ignite the flames of passion. Authentic healthy masculinity includes vision, clarity, purpose, structure, loyalty, and strength. I teach men how to hold space, how to transform feminine anger into lust, how radical responsibility can make you irresistible, how to transform, transmit and transmute sexual desire and energy, how to navigate and hold space for your own inner feminine and how to create a structure that allows your partner how to trust and surrender. 

Where are you located?
I don' live near you, can we still work together?
Does Hypnotherapy work over video conferencing?
Is Hypnotheapy Safe?
Will I be under control under Hypnosis?
Will I remember the session?
What is a Men' Coach
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