© 2019 David M. Rinaldi

I specialize in helping people overcome feelings of

anxiety, stress, fear, depression and insomnia

as well as

limiting beliefs and self-destructive behaviors.


If you are here, you are probably dealing with one of these issues. You have probably tried other things and you are looking for one place to get your problem solved.


I have an exceptional success rate with my clients because I focus on the mind-body link using a combination of modern and ancient embodiment techniques.


The key word here is embodiment. We don't just talk about your issue, we use movement, breath & hypnosis to rewire your nervous system.


These techniques are proven to move stuck emotions and change deeply rooted patterns for LASTING CHANGE.


Our emotions live in our body, not in our heads.


Next time you have a strong emotional reaction to something, notice where it begins. It starts in the body and then our mind translates it. The mind is there to tell us the story and to listen and take notes, but if you want real and lasting change, you must work with the body and the subconscious.


Here are a few things you will learn through our work together:


How to build and exercise your "witness" abilities - These are key to stepping outside of your thoughts and emotions and evaluating your current patterns, the first step to creating new and healthy patterns.


How to use my magic formula of Movement + Breath + Intention to move energy and stuck emotions and make space for new patterns to be coded into your nervous system


How to use meditation and self-hypnosis to actively engage + dialogue with different parts of yourself like your inner child, your shadow, and your inner wise one.



This is not a one size fits all program. You will receive personalized meditations, exercise, mantras & homework that is aimed at cutting the root of destructive patterns and rewiring your system for success!