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My name is David.

I help people heal their relationships with self and others through embodiment practices, self-inquiry and conscious presence.

"Working with David has been an absolute joy... I have had the opportunity to tune into my body and actually listen, thanks to his gentle guidance and reflections. Using hypnotherapy, meditations, somatic breathwork and specific mantras, I feel a deep shift in my understanding and love for myself." 
 - Dana H. 

What are Embodiment Practices?

Embodiment practices are exercises or movements that involve body, breath and mindfulness. They come from QiGong, Yoga, Tantra, and Somatic Experiencing.

Why are they important?

Our trauma, our emotions, our pain our patterns are all stored in the body. The mind is a wonderful tool, but it's ill suited for healing trauma and wounds. For that we need to move, feel, release and integrate.

How does this help me heal?

Our minds tell us stories, but our bodies hold the truth. Often we make an identity out of our pain and our ego actively works against healing, because it feels like an attack on who we are. By letting trauma be gently felt and released, we let go of its grip and the wounds begin to heal. The process of working with the body is a process of knowing your truth, beyond your stories. The more you know your truth, the more you embody it each day and you begin a deep love affair with yourself.

“David has provided me with effective tools and techniques that have changed my day-to-day life significantly for the better and given me a future without crippling anxiety. I truly feel that I have gotten to the root cause of my anxiety and been able to move forward from a lot of the trauma that was causing my issues. Thank you David for your incredible skill, support, and empathy!” 

- Gemma Y.

How to Calm Anxiety Using Breath

Download this audio session to learn how to use a simple breathing technique to calm feelings of anxiety. This is the #1 breathing practice I give to any client who is experiencing stress, anxiety, overwhlem or overthinking. This is a simple, yet highly effective tool that you can practice anywhere to get you out of your head and allow you to instantly feel more grounded, calm and relaxed.

"I would highly recommend David. He is very knowledgeable about how the subconscious mind works and what is needed to make change happen in your life. What I loved most was how fast the change came. Where therapy had taken years, this change was almost instant."

- Jonathan H.


I take on a select few clients at a time in order to devote significant time and energy to each individual I serve. I can't possibly work with everyone so I have several requirements for new clients:

1. You must be committed to doing the work. I can not create change in you. I can show you the way, I can give you tools and practices that will create change, but all this is useless unless you commit to doing the work. If you can commit to the work, we will achieve great things together. 

2. You must commit to work with me for a period of time. We will agree on what that looks like together based on what you are looking to achieve. This kind of work brings up a lot. When clients get close to a break-through is when they most want to quit. I am here to support you and cheer you on to the finish line, but I can't do that if you stop showing up.

3. You must be excited and enthused for change. If you are only mildly interested in change, I can't help you. I am looking for clients who are all-in on their personal growth and healing, because I am all-in on helping you. If we both bring this intention and energy to the process, there is no limit to what we can achieve together.

4. You must be ready to invest in yourself. How much money do you spend on distracting yourself from your problems? How much money do you spend on things that bring you a shallow and ephemeral states of happiness? I'm looking for clients who are ready to invest in something deep and lasting.


5. You must be ready to make a change NOW. We will not be talking about your problems for years. Instead I will show you how to get to the root of your problems & change your patterns QUICKLY. If you are ready to make significant, long-lasting changes immediately, then hit the button below and let's talk.

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