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I know what it's like to struggle in life.


After suffering silently for years with depression and anxiety I began a desperate search for relief.


I tried talk therapy for years and although I enjoyed a better understanding of my patterns, I wasn't seeing much progress in changing them.

I then tried prescription medication and found it only helped to hide the problem.

Eventually I was led to Hypnotherapy and I was BLOWN AWAY at how quickly we can get to the root of our problems and re-wire the brain! In just a few sessions I began to experience the relief I had been searching for. I spent the next few years studying and becoming certified in Hypnotherapy under the mentorship of world-renowned Hypnotherapist, Paul Aurand.


After working with clients for some time, I discovered that the changes made in hypnosis are not long lasting unless you have a practice to fully embody them.

In order to address this, I have spent the past several years combining Hypnotherapy, Bioenergetics & embodiment practices from Kundalini yoga, Toaism, QiGong and Tantra to create a holistic therapeutic model aimed at healing trauma and rewiring patterns quickly and efficiently.

I feel blessed to be doing this work and I am overjoyed to introduce these tools and techniques to people who are silently suffering like I once was.


  • Certified for Hypnosis and Regression therapies through the International Association of Counselors & Therapists.

  • Certified QiGong Healer through the Center for Tuina & Qigong Therapy.

  • Certified RYT200 Yoga Instructor through Yoga Aliance and World Yoga Center.

  • Certified Ho'ponopono Practioner.

  • 20+ years experience in Meditation & Yoga.

  • Trained with world-renowned teachers and mentors John Wineland, Pema Khandro, Sifu Pedro Yee, Paul Aurand & Zat Baraka.

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