© 2019 David M. Rinaldi

I help men lead lives of


For themselves;

for their partners;

for the world.

Are you walking through life feeling numb, disconnected, and without purpose?


I am here to connect you back to your body;

to help you love and be loved;

to help you heal and grow. 


I am here to connect you to your deepest purpose and drop all the bullshit.


This is a call to lead your life from a place of depth and confidence!

I draw upon a lifetime of study in Meditation, Qigong, Yoga & Tantra and combine these with Hypnosis, Regression & Parts therapies into one powerful program. 


I will teach you how to...

...strengthen your nervous system to hold a wider range of emotions (from intense bliss to intense rage and anguish).

...access your deepest purpose and inner truth.

...learn the language of feelings and master your emotions.


...gain confidence in the bedroom.


...identify and move stuck emotions.

​...understand and move with the feminine. 

...heal personal trauma through hypnosis & breath work.

...experience relief from feelings of depression, anxiety and overwhelm.


...move beyond fear into an ocean of bliss.


...cultivate the sacred masculine gifts of strength, presence, focus, assertiveness, clarity, & integrity and apply these to every aspect of your life.

Join the Conversation

The Masculine Medicine Tribe is a Facebook Group dedicated for men to meet and support each other in healing and personal growth.


The mission of the MMT is to help one another embody the Sacred Masculine so we can bring this medicine to the world.